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5 thoughts on “Your Comments

  1. Congratulations on your undertaking. I hope it goes well for you. A few people, even in the far West have an interest in postcards, and they are a wonderful way of getting to know more about local and national history. I buy (and sometimes sell) cards on ebay, which is easy and more affordable in general than buying at fairs. There will be a Stamp Fair in the Imperial Hotel in Cork next Saturday 14th Nov, and there will probably be some card dealers there as well as stamps.
    Again Good Luck with your website.


    1. Hi Paddy,

      Thanks for your comment and I’m glad that you approve of my efforts. As I’ve said elsewhere, I’m a newcomer to postcard collecting and have largely started this blog in response to the lack of information out there. You’re so right about postcards being a great way of finding out about history and when I come across an interesting card – be it a standing stone, castle or whatever – I find myself being diverted off in all sorts of directions looking for more information. One thing I will be doing is including as many useful links as possible so that others can share the benefits of my ramblings.

      Thanks too for the tip-off about the Imperial Fair – of course there’s zero information online about it – so much for the ‘information super highway‘!

      I hope that you will be back to visit the site again as I intend to add a lot more to it every day.

      Best wishes.



  2. Hi, all. I collect peat postcards and have quite an amount of them. I believe I have at least one of each peat postcard published-save for about three, or four, as far as I can see, in any case. Is there any way of establishing what the total amount of various peat card images published was?

    Best wishes,



    1. Hi Nicholas,

      The peat postcards are a fascinating subject but I should think that you will have your work cut out trying to establish the total of different ones produced. Aside from their novelty value, they have to be the most impractical item of stationery ever invented. Are they numbered? I noticed that there seem to have been several different manufacturers – do you have a list of them? Perhaps you would start a thread about Peat cards over on the Postcard Forum

      Best wishes.



  3. Have you come across a small postcard publisher from the West called PC? I have memories of seeing them in the 1950-60’s.
    His surname may have been Carthew, not sure I have the spelling correct. Marvellous research in your blog, so interesting.


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