Self Publishing

12th December, 2016


This year I lost the run of myself and went for two different cards.

For the choirboy card I used original Christmas card artwork from the firm of Arthur Burkart & Co., London purchased from Sulis Fine Art, and for the winter scene I recycled an image from an American Art Deco card. As usual I used Vistaprint and I’m very happy with the results.

15th January, 2016

Great Granny Cattley Christmas Card

It seems that I’m late to the party with my self-published Christmas cards as I found the one above when looking through a box of my family heirlooms yesterday. It was done by/for my Great-Great- Grandmother circa 1910/13 and is charming in its simplicity. Back to the drawing board for me.

19th December, 2015

Above: My 2015 Christmas card – from a fine watercolour by Anthony Mandara. I picked up the original on eBay for just £7.10 and with a minimum of editing on the Vistaprint site here it is. I hope to return to some serious postcard production in 2016.

2nd August, 2015

I have to admit that I have already taken some experimental steps down this road – for my own personal pleasure rather than for commercial reasons. I started off with Christmas cards for family/friends and then onto high quality postcards with strictly limited print runs.

To date, I’ve used Vistaprint and have always been very pleased with the quality, but they can be quite expensive. That said, it’s better to be stuck with a small number of expensive cards than a larger number of cards which will have cost more even if the unit cost is less.

Years ago I commissioned cards by the late Dudley Farrar, and these were printed by Graham’s of Omagh (now The Postcard Company) with quite pleasing results, but there’s loads more choice in the printing market these days. My recommendation is to dip your toe in the water with Vistaprint and take it from there.

Three of my vanity projects below:

South Rock Christmas card

South Goodwin pc

Travel in luxury

Top to bottom: South Rock lightship by Clive Sweetingham. The South Goodwin lightship from an old Revell model box – original painting by Holger Koppelmann and ‘Travel Luxuriously by CIE’ from a 1950s publicity flyer – original painting by Costelloe.


The Postcard Company


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