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Picture Postcard Monthly

Picture Postcard Monthly is THE top magazine for postcard collectors across the land – with buyers around Britain, Europe and English-speaking countries overseas.

It contains 56 pages every month jammed with news, views, stories and feature articles.

There are also regular reports on club news, a diary of forthcoming fairs around the country, a list of fair organisers with their contact details, reports on auctions, a vibrant letters page and popular picture postcard puzzle pages where readers help identify previously unlocated or captioned cards.

There’s also plenty of great examples of topographical and subject postcards.

You can read it online – for just £25 a year.

Or you can have it delivered to your home, with your postage costs included in your subscription. That’s amazing value at just £3 a month all in!

Since April 2015, the magazine has been run by husband and wife Mark and Sally Wingham from Portsmouth.

Mark is responsible for editorial, while Sally is handling the advertising, administration and finances.

Our company – Chimes Publishing and Postcards Limited – is publishing the magazine.

You can contact us by: Phone: 023 9242 3527 or by emailing

*Previous PPM owners Brian and Mary Lund are still publishing their popular Picture Postcard Annual. You can visit their website by clicking here


Irish Politics in Postcards

by Declan Martin

Published by the Ulster Historical Foundation (2016)

Paperback. 200 pages. ISBN 9781 9095 56447

The first two decades of the twentieth century constituted ‘The Golden Age’ of postcards, when they were probably the most commonly used means of communication. In their heyday they fulfilled the role of email, text message and telephone call, but their role extended much further in Ireland.

During this period in particular, but also in later years, picture postcards were produced not only to illustrate Irish political events, but also through photographs and cartoons to influence or at least try to influence contemporary opinion.

Within its nine chapters, this book looks at major events such as the Home Rule Crisis of 1912–14, the 1916 Rising, and the rise of Sinn Fein, along with other significant political developments and issues up until, and including, the most recent violence in Northern Ireland. Each chapter opens with an outline narrative of events, setting the context in which the postcards were issued.

The selected range of postcards on each topic seeks to represent a wide swathe of political opinion. The text is richly illustrated with some 190 pictures and constitutes an innovative approach to a much-analysed historical period. In its conclusion, this book undertakes the difficult task of trying to understand the impact of these somewhat neglected historical sources.

Bangor Then & Now

Bangor Then and Now (2012) by Adam G Bell

Paperback, 112 pages. Published by Colourpoint Books, Newtownards.

Exploring Bangor’s past through the postcards of the town, this nostalgic record compares old postcards with photographs taken by members of the Bangor & North Down Camera Club. A commentary on each image explores the history and changes in the town and also includes fascinating reference to the messages sent with the original postcards.

Love From Cork: Postcards From the City and County
by Perry O’Donovan. Collins Press (2013) hardback, 224pp.

John Bull’s Famous Circus: Ulster History Through the Postcard 1905 – 1985
By John Killeen. O’Brien Press Ltd (1985) 160 pp. This book traces the use and development of the political postcard in Ulster from the early twentieth century to the present day. It is divided into the following sections: The Picture Postcard; Propaganda of Emerging Sinn Fein; The Belfast Strike of 1907; The Campaign to Maintain the Union; Political and Paramilitary Events 1969-1985; Ulster Politics 1905-1985. The text provides an unbiased record of these historical events. Hardback illustrated mostly in black and white.

Reflections on Munster Railways (1984) Limerick Museum
Includes a Chapter on Railway Postcards by George Stacpoole
This publication was produced in conjunction with an exhibition in Limerick Museum in 1984 to mark 150 years of Irish Railways.

The Trams of Ireland in Old Picture Postcards by Ian Finlay
Published by European Library Zaltbommel, Netherlands (1984)
ISBN   9028828109
Includes Belfast, Derry, Giants Causeway, Portstewart, Cork, Dublin, Galway and the Hill of Howth.

Nostalgic Ireland: Classic Postcards From The John Hinde Archive. (2013)
This 128-page publication was published by the Bray company and includes images from the 1950s and 1960s.

Galway: History on a Postcard (2013)
By Paul Duffy. Currach Press. 180pp, paperback.

Scenes from all over the country are included from historic sites like Dun Guaire Castle, Tuam Cross and Ross Abbey to popular tourist sites such as Kylemore Abbey, Clifden and the Aran Islands. The evolution of Galway’s infrastructure can be mapped in the postcards, through the railway age, and on to the motor age and the development of Galway’s many beautiful bridges. Images of the important industries that built Galway’s economy – such as quarrying, spinning, weaving, and the production of flax and linen – are displayed, along with a range of vibrant fair and market scenes, highlighting the cohabitation of social and economic activities in the Galway tradition. The social history of County Galway is brought to life through intimate and evocative portraits of the ordinary people of the county.

ISBN 9781856078030

Galway City: Snapshots Through Time (2015)
By Paul Duffy. Currach Press. 128pp, paperback.

Sequel to the very successful Galway on a Postcard. This book gathers the finest collection of old postcards of Galway City, lovingly collected and collated by Paul Duffy, former County Engineer.
ISBN 9781782188384

Hindesight (1993)
By John Wilfrid Hinde and David Lee.

Published by the Dublin Irish Museum of Modern Art to coincide with an exhibition.

John Hinde photographs and postcards by John Hinde Ltd. 1935-1971. Large format, soft cover, 95pp, profusely illustrated – more of an exhibition catalogue than a book.
Scarce and expensive – expect to pay well over £100.

ISBN 187365409x

Ennis in old picture postcards (2001)

By Seán Spellissy.
Published by European Library, The Netherlands.
ISBN 9028826955

Paddy Mac’s Collection of Vintage Postcards (2006)

Published by Mac Publications, Killarney. Hardback, 262pp.

This book contains images of vintage postcards in sepia, black&white, full colour showing scenic views, street scenes, buildings, cartoon characters and humorous artistry. Several publishers’ works are shown. Each postcard has relevant explanatory text. The postcards mostly relate to the Killarney area.

ISBN 1902441176 or  978-1902441177

Winding Road: Poems and Postcards of County Down (1980)

Edited by Jack McCoy. Paperback: 88 pages. Published by Blackstaff Press Ltd.

ISBN 0856402435 or  978-0856402432

A Bloomsday Postcard (2004)
By Niall Murphy. Published by Lilliput Press. Dublin.

Paperback/Hardback, 334pp.

In 1904, the sending, receiving and collecting of postcards had become an essential part of life in Edwardian Dublin. In an age of few private telephones, the postcard was a popular and reliable form of communication – in Dublin there were six mail deliveries a day, and one on Sunday.
To celebrate James Joyce and the centenary of Bloomsday, Niall Murphy has assembled a dazzling selection of 240 postcards, all of them posted in the Dublin area during 1904, four of them sent on 16 June that year.

ISBN 9781843510437 (paperback) or ISBN 1 84351 0502 (hardback)

Louis Anthony’s Killarney (2009)
Selected images of 100 Vintage Postcards of Killarney, Ireland
Compiled and Edited by Patrick Mac Monagle.
ISBN 1-902441-18-4

Killarney in old Picture Postcards (1995)

by Patrick Mac Monagle.
Published by Europese Bibliotheek.
Hardback, 80pp.

ISBN 9028860797

Waterford Through Time (2014)

by Colm Long

Amberley Publishing ‘Through Time’ series. 96 pp, illustrated paperback.

A then-and-now picture book, containing old photographs/postcards of Waterford each paired with a new photograph in full colour, to show how the same scene, or a related one, has changed over the passage of time.

ISBN-10: 1445639416
ISBN-13: 978-1445639413

Carlow in Old Picture Postcards (1997)
by Michael Purcell
88pp, Published by European Library, The Netherlands.

Well, Here I am in Ballycotton Peter O'Shea

Well, Here I am in Ballycotton (2015)

by Peter O’Shea.

190pp, paperback. Self-published by the author.

‘Well, here I am in Ballycotton’ features a collection of over 100 postcards, illustrations, graphs and maps.  This book gives the history of Ballycotton, Co.Cork through these postcards. It includes shipwrecks, Ballycotton’s connections to the Lusitania, Terence McSwiney, in addition to rescues by the lifeboat and the coastguard.  The postcards show how the village has changed over the past 100 years and there are many stories that the author discovered through extensive research, that bring the buildings and their inhabitants to life.

Available through this website:

Athlone in Old Picture Postcards

Athlone in old picture postcards (1996)

by Gearoid O’Brien

80pp. Published by European Library, The Netherlands.

Ring of Kerry: The Postcard Collection (2015)

by Kieran McCarthy

96 pages. Amberley Publishing.

Ring of Kerry Postcard

One of the most famous and popular road circuits for tourists in the southwest of Ireland, the Ring of Kerry traverses the coastline of the Iveragh Peninsula, with a great many tourist sites along the way from Killarney’s lakes to Waterville’s coast. A century ago, the Grand Atlantic Tour emerged as one of the essential travel itineraries by horse-drawn and motor bus tours on the island of Ireland. For the landscape lover, postcards were produced for visitors to remember their visit and to send to loved ones. These beautiful, colourful postcards showcased the region and framed the visitor’s memories.

ISBN-10: 144564892X
ISBN-13: 978-1445648927

Postcards of the Easter Rising (2015)

by Edward Margiotta

172pp, paperback.  Stenlake Publishing.

Postcards of the Easter Rising Stenlake Publishing

Essentially the book is a narrative about the Easter Rising of 1916 liberally illustrated with original picture postcard images. The Rising and its immediate aftermath were comprehensively recorded by photographers and postcards of the events and personalities involved were quickly published. The author has probably the most extensive collection of these cards and 244 of them are shown in the book which also deals with the War of Independence, the Treaty Conference and the Civil War. Also included are chapters on the postcard publishers themselves with details of these firms’ history and the cards they published for the Rising.

ISBN : 9781840336931

Available from Stenlake Publishing

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