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Page updated 6/5/2018

Shenick Island nr.Skerries, Co.Dublin

Not of the same quality as some of my recent purchases but an unusual card – and it’s Irish!

Unposted so no clue as to its age.

French Harbour scene

Here’s my latest card purchased from a US eBay seller for just $14.99. Painted by a French (?) artist and posted in 1902 – that’s an incredible 115 years ago and its colours are still fresh and vibrant. It was sent to a Mademoiselle Renée, 1 Rue de la Station, Asnières-sur-Seine, Paris, from Cayeux-sur-Mer a seaside resort in the Somme district of Northern France.  Thankfully there was no message as these were frequently written over the painted image to comply with postal regulations!

S S “Guillemot”


My latest acquisition is this fine card of the ill fated S S “Guillemot” which was built in 1894 at the Campbeltown Shipbuilding Company in North West Scotland. On the 14th December, 1911, she sailed from London for the port of Genoa in Italy but soon hit bad weather which culminated in her foundering in the Bay of Biscay on the 21st December. Only seven of the 23 man crew were saved. The dramatic Board of Trade report into the sinking can be read here: Guillemot Wreck Report

My unused postcard mini work of art cost me all of £7.49 incl.p+p on eBay.

Land’s End


3/2/2017 – Yet another British card I’m afraid but a great bargain at just £2.19 incl.p+p.

The Tower of Refuge, Douglas, Isle of Man


3/2/2017 – Simply listed on eBay as Early Postcard, Hand Painted but I know the location as I used to live in Douglas. A little gem and it cost all of £2.94 incl. p+p!

Capel Curig Lakes and Snowdon


A fine watercolour card of a North Wales scene purchased last week from an Irish eBay seller – just £9.25.

The Beacon, Crail


A mysterious Scottish (?) card purchased on eBid which cost me all of £4.10. Postally used in 1907. I haven’t been able to trace the exact location yet but I believe it’s somewhere on the Firth of Forth.

English South Coast Topographical cards

a-bit-of-brighton  old-chain-pier  the-river-brambley  old-shoreham-bridge

9/1/17 – I’ve added quite a few new cards to my collection recently – sadly nothing Irish but quite nice all the same. There’s very little out there and eBay/Delcampe etc. have hundreds of cards described as ‘hand-painted‘ which are invariably mass produced.

st-johns-church-hove  untitled-river-scene

I paid just £5 for the six cards – including postage!

A pair of hand-painted Edwardian cards

Image (4)  Image (3)

Boredom purchases? Well not really, but there’s been a severe shortage of any worthwhile hand-painted cards out there this year and at a measly £5 for the two of these (incl.p+p) I could hardly say no. There’s a lot of Chinese/Japanese stuff online but it doesn’t tempt me as I cannot relate to the scenery. There are also tons of cards misleadingly described as ‘hand-painted’ when what is being sold is a printed card made from a copy of a painting. Often hard to tell unless they are by one of the big publishers such as Valentines, Raphael Tuck, Burkart etc.

An Italian Christmas Postcard


I’m easily diverted and couldn’t resist this nice card from eBay’s Italian site – all of €6.50 including postage. A candidate for my 2016 Christmas card?

Scarborough 2 FRONTScarborough 1 FRONT

Okay, the more alert amongst you may have noticed that the above two cards are not Irish but I couldn’t resist. Just £7 including p+p for the two of them!


Genuine, one-off, hand painted postcards are the El Dorado of postcard collecting – at least as far as I am concerned – and I have struck a rich vein in the last couple of months. My latest acquisition is this stormy portrayal of Fair Head in County Antrim (above) which was not described as hand painted but caught my eye. It cost me all of £5.19 including p+p – not bad for a mini work of art which is at least 111 years old as it was posted as long ago as 1904!

Gold in the Mournes

I couldn’t resist ‘Gold in the Mournes‘ on eBay for €5.50.

Handpainted Slievenaman The Hut by same artist as Gold in the MournesSlieve Donard from Dundrum same artist as Gold in Mournes

Two more by the same artist – not in my collection.

At last (June 2017) I picked up another on eBay – “Warrenpoint from Rostrevor” – for just £5.19.

More about Handpainted cards here: “Hand-painted” postcards