Warning, some of the cards are this page are non-pc and borderline racist in some instances.

Updated 3/9/2018.

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Another classic from Raphael Tuck & Sons.

In the same boat

Subtle Irish humour. No publisher indicated.

Royal Irish Constabulary

Interesting for its depiction of a heavily armed RIC man rather than the humour. No publisher indicated and postally used in 1911.

Violent Paddies


No publisher for this horrible, unfunny caricature.

Stupid English – again!

Irish Humour

This time Valentines are the unashamed publisher.

Stupid English

Irish humour

Unsurprisingly no publisher is indicated.

Stupid Irish – again!

Stupid Paddy

Really atrocious and only included for the sake of completeness. Published by Bamforth, Yorkshire No.2548 in their “Comic” series.

Potheen Anthony Killarney

The poitin makers at work under the benevolent (?) eye of the Royal Irish Constabulary. Published by Anthony, Killarney.

Racist Irish pc

Despite being a Lawrence card this depiction of the ‘stupid‘ Irishman is grating even now, but one of many produced by the firm.

Much more subtle humour in the two cards below published by the same firm.


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