Advertising Cards

One of the original raison d’être for postcards was to advertise hotels, products and services,  and the wheel has now turned full circle with advertising cards making something of a comeback.

Page updated 14/4/2021

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The Bushmills Inn Hotel

Bushmills Card

One of a well designed series of cards published by the Bushmills Inn Hotel to promote the delights of the Causeway Coast.

Walton’s, Belfast

WALTONS 1903 Royal Visit AD CARD

Making the most of a Royal visit.

LMS-NCC Northern Counties Hotel, Portrush, Co.Antrim

Nice Art Deco card advertising the delights of this once grand hotel which, sadly, was burnt during the Troubles.

Crows Nest, Enniskillen, Co.Fermanagh

A Chris Power Original – postally used in 1978.

The Park Hotel, Virginia, Co.Cavan

A well thought out card which highlights all the attractions of the area. Published by the hotel.

Crown & Shamrock Inn, Carnmoney, Co.Antrim

W.& G. Baird Limited, Belfast. Postally used in 1908.

Lagan Boat Company (N.I.) Ltd.

A contemporary card published by the company and featuring a painting by well known Northern Irish artist Julian Friers.

The Strand Hotel, Rosslare

Probably published by the hotel; dated on the back (in biro) 19/8/66.

W.J. Patterson, Belfast

The Irish House Pub, Wood Quay, Dublin

Demolished in 1968 by Dublin Corporation as part of its massive site clearance to make way for the Civic Offices. All that you could want to about the Victorian ‘Gin Palace‘ here:

No publisher indicated.

Ballyconnell for The Discerning Angler.

Locally published card extolling the delights of fishing in Co.Cavan.

Heritage Tours Wexford


Scenes from the 2015 movie “Brooklyn” starring Saoirse Ronan are used in this series of cards published by Heritage Tours Wexford to promote their business and the town of Enniscorthy.

Cafolla’s Ice Cream

The Cafolla Ice-Cream Parlours on O’Connell Street are long gone but remain in the folk memory of many Dubliners as romantic spots for couples before pubs and niteclubs became popular. Card by Photocraft Ltd.

Drogheda Prizes Manures

A fine early card advertising card – unknown publisher.

Grealy’s Hotel, Roscommon

A simple, clean design that would be lost on today’s Ad agencies.

The Great Northern Railway Hotel, Bundoran

An attractive card for the former Great Northern Railway hotel at Bundoran, Co.Donegal. The hotel later became part of CIE’s Great Southern Hotel chain before being sold off to a private hotelier. The Great Northern Hotel still trades on the same site today but the current building is a replacement for the original of 1894 which was destroyed by fire.

The Dublin International Hotel

A singularly unattractive card published by the hotel’s owners – Trust House Forte.

Mediaeval Banquets

A fairly uninspiring card – can’t have looked much better when new – extolling the delights of the Shannon Region.

Hearn’s Hotel, Clonmel, Co.Tipperary

Hearn’s Hotel has its origins back in the late 18th century and is associated with Charles Bianconi – the founder of public transport in Ireland. A strangely unattractive card – no publisher indicated – presumably the hotel.

Wexford Theatre Fund

Unusual card, postally used 1973.

Early Hotel Advertising354299

Interesting multiview. No publisher indicated but probably self-published by the hotels.

Portstewart Hotel

This curiously stumpy looking, pre-1900 card attracted quite a bit of interest on eBay (May 2016) eventually selling for £43.

John Wilson & Co.Ltd, Whiskey, Dublin

Whiskey Ad card FRONT

A promotional card printed by Charles Chambers (Dublin) and overprinted by the company’s Canadian agents. Postally used in 1913.

Note the 1799 view of the Four Courts with no quayside walls.

Killybegs via the Midland Railway Company

Killybeg Mid Rly card pu 1911

The big British railway companies had extensive interests in Ireland and used the medium of postcards of far-flung beauty spots to entice passengers aboard their ships and trains.

The Killiney Castle Hotel, Killiney, Co.Dublin

Killiney Castle Hotel NO publisher

Probably published by the Hotel – late 1940s (?)

The Khyber Pass Hotel, Dalkey, Co.Dublin

Khyber Pass Hotel Dalkey NO pub

Closed down in 1979 and demolished. Now an apartment block occupies the site.

Apparently, Charles Stewart Parnell lived here for a short time.

Probably a self-published card.

Plain & Fancy Pipe Manufactory, Mill Street, Galway


An interesting early example of a trade card complete with grovelling/gracious greeting in anticipation of an order!

Lett’s Brewery, Enniscorthy, Co.Wexford

Lett postcard FRONT

Came across this interesting card on eBay recently, but I baulked at the £20 price tag. The wealthy branch of my family still owns the brewery but not my branch!

Spanish Point Seafood Restaurant, Ballycotton, Co.Cork

Ballycotton Art Card FRONT

An attractive recent (?) publicity card and the location is instantly recognisable. Probably self published by the business.

Artist: Margaret Brand.

More of the artist’s work may be found here: Margaret Brand Art

Deans, Logan & Co.Ltd., Belfast

Garron Tower Antrim LAWRENCE Ad overprint card

Interesting overprint of a Lawrence card – I resisted the urge to buy!

Gibson Services, Shankill, Co.Dublin

Gibson 1

An interesting survivor from my inherited collection of family photographs and ephemera. Gibson’s Garage operated just across the road from the RC church at Shankill. Its proprietor was George Gibson who had been the chief engineer on the Dublin & Blessington Steam Tramway which closed down in 1932.

David Brown & Son Ltd and McClinton’s Ltd, Donaghmore, Tyrone


Early advertising card – just look at the telephone number!

Church Bay Hotel, Crosshaven, Co.Cork

A superb card – postally used in 1902.

Cobh Harbour 1902

Imperial Hotel, Cork

Imperial Hotel Cork_57Imperial Hotel Cork

Several early cards for the Imperial Hotel, Cork – the first of which might be done under the Trades Description Act as it would seem to imply that the hotel was in the middle of the countryside rather than the city centre. The second card has no publisher shown and was probably the hotel itself, while the final one was published by the R.A.P.Co.London in their ‘Seal of Artistic Excellence Series‘.

Hotel Majestic, Tramore, Co.Waterford

No publisher indicated on this card but it was probably the hotel itself. Simple and attractive with a clear message.

Majestic Hotel

Below: a nice bright advertising card for Todd, Burns & Co.Ltd., Dublin published by David Allen.

This fine building, built in 1905, still stands on Mary Street and is part of the Penney’s store.

Todd Burns and Co Postcard by David Allen

Aer Lingus

Aer Lingus card frontAer Lingus card back

Late 1940s/early 1950s card.

The Green Rooster Restaurant

Etonia Handkerchiefs

What’s not to love about this cute card?

No publisher/printer indicated but postally used in 1916.

Williams & Son Naturalists, 2 Dame Street, Dublin

Taxidermy Ad card

More information here: Williams & Sons, Dublin 1850 – 1941

British Telecom (BT)

British Telecom Card Glenariffe FRONTback of BT card

An unusual one and the last thing that I expected while searching through the Glens of Antrim.

Lakes of Killarney Prudential Insurance FRONTLakes of Killarney Prudential Insurance BACK

Another unusual card advertising Life Insurance in America but with the Lakes of Killarney on the front!


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