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The Gordon Bennett Race 1903

Gordon Bennett

Card by Hely’s, Dublin.

More about Jenatzy here: Wiki/Camille_Jenatzy

Floods in Kilmalogue, Portarlington

Portarlinton 1

Pub.C F Wynne, Portarlington.

The Great Storm 1903

Great Storm 1903 Phoenix Park

The Great Storm, February 27th, 1903. Phoenix Park by William Lawrence.

The Irish International Exhibition 1907


A good overall view published by J.Tallon, Grafton Street, Dublin.

Irish International Exhibition colouredIrish Int Exh by Moonlight

For anyone wishing to read more about the exhibition here’s a very good link: slow to download but worth the wait!

Count Plunkett’s Convention, Dublin, 19th April 1917

Count Plunketts Convention 1917

Eucharistic Congress 2

The 31st International Eucharistic Congress, was held in Dublin from the 22nd–26th June 1932, and as events go in Ireland they don’t come much bigger. Despite not being particularly religious I can still appreciate a superb card when I see one! No publisher’s name is shown but the card was printed in Germany.

Embossed Eucharistic card NO pub but printed in Germany FRONTEucharistic souvenir postcard 1932Embossed Eucharistic card NO pub but printed in Germany BACK

Above: an attractive pair of cards printed in Germany but with no publisher indicated. Judging by their embossed design, they must have been intended as souvenirs rather than for postal use.

The visit of President Kennedy to Ireland – June 26th/29th, 1963


The visit of US President John F. Kennedy to Ireland in June 1963 is an event still remembered by many in Ireland with great affection, all the more so because of his tragic death just five months later. It’s probably fair to say that no man has had a deeper effect on the Irish psyche than JFK, even the visit of Pope John Paul II in 1979 is now just a footnote in history while the memory of the US President lives on.

The Dublin Millennium, 1988

Dub Millenium FRONT

Park Printing Co., Western Industrial Estate, Dublin.12.

An Post produced a quality set of cards to commemorate the Millennium using images from the book Dublin Recreated by Stephen Conlin (O’Brien Press).

Rotunda Obrien PressWalled City Obrien Press 1988

Left to right: The Rotunda Hospital circa 1770 and the snow-covered Medieval Walled City circa 1275 – showing Christchurch within the walls and St.Patrick’s Cathedral just outside the walls.


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