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Postcard Traders Association

Metropolitan Postcard Club of New York City

The Linen Hall Library

17 Donegall Square North, Belfast BT1 5GB

The Linen Hall Library Postcard Collection contains more than 7,000 images which capture Ireland in bygone days and gives a sense of what life was like in remote villages and towns over one hundred years ago. Topographical cards dominate the collection and almost every city, town and village in Ireland is featured. Social development in urban Ireland is also clearly captured in postcards depicting street scenes which illustrate the growth of cities such as Belfast, Dublin and Cork. From these historic images the viewer can trace changes in architecture, fashion and transport.

Alongside these scenic cards other visual aspects of everyday life flourish. Housing, local industries, sport and leisure are all covered and significant historical events mainly relating to British rule in Ireland are represented in a series of political cards. A selection of humorous and speciality cards depict a lighter side to life and complete what is truly one of the most interesting and comprehensive collections of its type in Ireland.



Collect Ireland

The Insatiable Collector

Irish Antiques & Collectables Classifieds

Irish Movie Madness


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