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More Art from Scholastic Productions

I recently picked up these four unused Scholastic cards from a US seller on eBay – all of €4.60 including postage. No artists signatures on any of them, or series numbers, but at least all are titled! Three of them I hadn’t seen before and the strange “A Farmyard Scene” – noted previously but not one that I would have really wanted – and only purchased as it was so cheap.


Left to right clockwise:A Farmyard Scene“; “The Bridge in the Woods“; “The Road to the Mountains” and “The Edge of the Lake“.

Any clues to the artist(s) identity would be welcomed.

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Scholastic Productions Belfast – The Mother Lode!

I hit the jackpot last week with the purchase of 12, brand new, vintage cards from the elusive Scholastic Productions Co. (Belfast). The cards were erroneously listed on eBay as ‘Ireland Irish Art Coastal Scenes etc. Set of 12 Original Vintage Old Postcards’ but no mention of Scholastic, ACME or any artist by name and thus I was the only bidder. Total cost £19.00/€26 or just over €2 per card. I already have inferior quality duplicates of some of the cards and when these are sold-on the unit price to me will have dropped even further!

eBay Scholastic 12 card purchase 1

The cards date from c.1945/50 and were supplied by the publishers to A.E.Dickson, The Camera House, 2 Waterloo Place, Londonderry. They were sold as a set of twelve cards and came in a pre-printed envelope. Despite being 65/70 years old I don’t think that they can ever have been out of the envelope except for the eBay seller to photograph them! They are in really exceptional condition – some of the best quality cards in my collection – and feature the artists Maurice Wilks, Terence Henry, and David Livingston.

Mother Lode - Copy (2)

Left to right:The Road to the Mountains‘ by David Livingston (No.7016) and ‘A Peaceful Bay in Ireland‘ by Maurice C. Wilks (No.6001)

Constant trawling of eBay, Delcampe, eBid etc. can be a real chore but when it bears fruit, it makes it all worth while…